Evan Pavlica

Portland-based Software Engineer Evan Pavlica has advanced development experience in web and backend service architectures. He has a passion for clean, self-documenting code, and for embracing the latest standards and technologies. With prowess in Ruby, Python, and Javascript, Evan has lead multiple custom software projects and spearheaded integrations with both internal teams and external vendors in his current role at Sony Pictures Entertainment. In his personal time, he is proud to sing with the Portland Gay Men's Chorus.

Headshot of Evan Pavlica.

Work Experience

  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

    May 2016-Present

    As a part of Digital Media Services, provide modern, cloud-based solutions for the studio's digital media supply chain, specializing in ingest and orchestration of media content.

  • Alto Labs

    Sept 2014-May 2016

    Created new features and maintained exiting systems for multiple clients. Lead the development of new projects.

  • General Assembly

    Feb 2014-Sept 2014

    Instructed dozens of developers in Rails, AngularJS, and more for the full-time Web Development Immersive course.

  • Music Prodigy

    Feb 2014-Apr 2014

    Enhanced existing features and refactored legacy code in collaboration with a talented, fully-remote team.


  • Sony Pictures Digital Media Supply Chain

    Python, TypeScript, Postgresql, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, AWS

    The Digital Media Supply Chain initiative is a future-looking project that aims to more efficiently leverage the studio's IP by providing visibility and access to digital assets. In pursuit of the MovieLabs 2030 vision, this is an ambitious cloud-native collection of applications and microservices that aims to transform the storage and delivery of content.

  • Sony Pictures Runner

    Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Elasticsearch, Docker, Webpack, Postgresql, AWS

    As the central repository for the studio's digital marketing assets, Runner is a linchpin in many workflows. Features include file uploads and sharing, image resizing, metadata tagging, and video proxy generation, as well as archival storage.

  • Boombotix

    Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Spree, Postgresql, Heroku

    The Boombotix website and store offered several unique features, including a custom speaker builder and a 'Get OBD ID'd' feature promoting the brand's collaboration with WuTang Clan. The Spree framework served as the backend for this Heroku-hosted application.


  • General Assembly


    Web Development Immersive

  • Columbia College Hollywood


    BFA, Cinema and Television

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